So, who is Rose Petal Writings?

I’m Rose Petal Writings! My name is Olivia Shirk, I live in Pennsylvania, USA, and I am so passionate about writing I decided to pursue it as a career!

Ink, my fiance’s cat and the void of my life

My interests include Halloween, animals, plants, cosplay, and many, many shows. My favorite genre has been supernatural/fantasy to read, but my favorite genre to write is a supernatural mystery set in a modern setting.

Halloween costume 2021

So, what are my credentials?

I have been blogging for about ten years now. I started my blogging career when I was in middle school, which seems suspicious but simply means I am comfortable navigating the internet and its constantly changing atmosphere.

I also attended Wilson College in Chambersburg, PA to achieve a Bachelor’s Degree in English, with a concentration in Creative Writing.

The Wilson Billboard, Wilson College’s student-run newspaper, also gave me many opportunities to grow my skills as a journalist as well as a creative writer.

My internship was in social media marketing for Evolution Power Yoga Studios. There, I learned how to copywrite, learned the voice of our brand very quickly, and grew as a writer further yet.

After graduation, I was hired on as their Digital Marketing Assistant. A few months later, I was promoted to Digital Media and Marketing Coordinator. Over time, my responsibilities have expanded to managing social media accounts, drafting, scheduling, and monitoring posts, drafting, scheduling, and sending monthly newsletters, and writing analytics reports for our social engagement.

I also freelance on the side, handling a multitude of projects along with my part-time job. I even created my own logo for my freelancing business!