Completed SFW Commissions

Completed Commissions

Welcome to where I house excerpts of my completed commissions! These works are safe for those under 18 years of age and do not require an age wall, although I am still accepting commissions/donations toward that goal! I will include information about who commissioned the work such as first and last name and links to any business they may have that I have done work for, but if anyone chooses to remain anonymous with their commission I will respect that and ask that any viewers respect that as well! Please enjoy these commissioned works. Thank you!

Maximum Middaugh’s Adventure

Finally, momma looked at me. “Max, wanna go for a car ride? Wanna go for a ride in the truck?”

The TRUCK?! A ride?? Me?! Yes yes yes! I was so happy I began doing circles and barking my ecstatic answer. There was no way I’d pass up a chance to go for a ride in the truck!

It took the humans ages to stop laughing and get the leash on. I was so anxious to go, I didn’t care where we were going! We all went out for the truck and I was hopping all around.

Mission One: Beacon’s Biggest Heart

The trees themselves were darker, more scraggly looking, and dense. This area was wild and dark, which led to one conclusion for Viri: this was Grimm territory. She felt her excitement growing as she descended the tree she landed in to have a look around. She had always explored the Grimm territories back home, but this was new and on Beacon’s grounds! She had no idea Beacon had Grimm territory within its walls.

She would absolutely use this to her advantage. Viri patted the scrapbook on her side proudly, thinking of how many sketches she would be adding. She wondered if she would add any new Grimm. She explored the Grimm territories around the outskirts of Vale as a child, so there’s a chance there may be some new varieties that have evolved differently whilst living under Beacon Academy’s watchful eye. 

Viri shuddered to think of the thousands of Grimm who died to the students each year. This would have definitely led to the Grimm on Beacon’s grounds evolving to try and survive this annual slaughterfest. 

Her excitement returned as she climbed back up another tree, seeing the forest was dense enough to hop from branch to branch. This was one of her favorite ways to travel! Her tail helped her balance as she leapt from limb to limb, going much farther at a faster pace than walking. This would do quite nicely to get back to the other students and actually find herself a partner, per Professor Ozpin’s instructions.

Commissioned by: RWBY Nation for their OC Contest Winner Natalie

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