Writing Excerpts


Vampyres Across Time

This is an epic that I am working to get published someday. Vampyres Across Time is a supernatural realistic adventure set in 1985 London. It follows Rebeccah Sharpe-Hawkins, a lawyer’s secretary and her brother, 14-year-old Dwayne, as their normal world gets turned upside down after spotting something – or someone – strange on the road during a grocery run.


Ode to the Void

This is a poem I wrote for Wilson College’s newspaper, The Billboard, about our cat Ink. She is our first black cat, so I wanted to commemorate that.


Shadow Killer

This is a short story I began for my Thesis in Creative Writing course at Wilson College. This is another supernatural story, set in 1990s Peru with a cattle ranch. The mystery takes place when the main character, Karmina, finds out that her aunt’s cattle are being killed by some creature.


Games for the Soul

This was part of a two-part series I wrote for The Billboard. I wrote about games for mobile and for a console like an Xbox that were calming. The last thing a pandemic needed was stressful, high-energy games. So I found some games that were calming for me and shared them. The first part of the series was about mobile games.


Games for the Soul

This is the second part of the two-part series I wrote about calming games to play for The Billboard. This article focused on console games. Since I have an Xbox, I focused on games that could be played on the Xbox.


Metal in the Mountains

This is a Billboard article I wrote about self-proclaimed “Bible Thumpers” who threatened and harassed the Metal in the Mountains music festival owners. They vandalized the event center where the festival was to be held and sent letters to the owners’ home.


Study of Celtic Influence on the English Language

This is a research paper I wrote for my Language and Culture class at Wilson College about how the linguistics of the Celtic language influenced and helped shape modern English.


Study of the Wheel of Fortune and Marlowe

I wrote this as part of my end-of-semester seminar paper for a J-Term class on Christopher Marlowe, the playwright. I analyzed how the concept of the Other, someone who is not like the rest of the crowd, is utilized by Marlowe to drive his protagonists into success and subsequently ruin.


Rewilding and Bioethics

This was a paper I wrote for my bioethics class on the ethics of rewilding a population. There is arguably a significant impact to rewilding previously extinct or highly endangered species upon the current populations. My article analyzed this.


Bioethics of Endangered Species and Extinction

Another paper I wrote for my Bioethics class dealing with endangered and extinct animals. I touch upon the spix macaw and the glaucous macaw, which are both extinct in the wild with very little attention.


Social Media Captions

I have some examples of captions I’ve written that have been posted on Instagram and cross-posted to Facebook. I have the names blocked out for the sake of the client. I am showcasing my work with caption writing and tag use, not my clients’ names. Thanks again to Kylee Social for asking me to draft these captions!
The name I did leave is my own (@oliviarosepetalwritings). This is my business Instagram account.