Rose Petal Writings Original Works



I have always been intrigued by the darkness;

Its swirls, its stars, the mystery of it all

Monsters, ghouls, vampires, phantoms, werewolves

All thrill me to this day

Things hidden in the shadows, waiting, watching

Beckoning me in

Do I answer? Do I run? Do I stick to what I’ve always known?

Which path do I choose?

I must be true to myself and choose what is right for my soul.

Whiskey Skrewball

Whiskey, thou villain! They cry

Family histories tainted by rye

Yet still we drink

And ask our gods why

This drink aged by time

Drunk til gone by yours and mine

When does it stop?

Every generation down the vine.

Addiction’s too easy to master

You drink to numb the pain faster

The good writer’s crutch

Your name in articles they’ll plaster.

Sovereign Heathen

The Celts are long gone

Forgotten with the times

Still our song lives on

Changing with the shifting tides

On and on we’ll go

Moving to and fro

Making spells with our rhymes.

They say that magic is evil

Worse to them than drunken swill

They know us not

And have they forgot

All the wounds our magic can heal?

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