December 6th, 2022 10:05 PM

Hey guys!

Sorry about the silence all the time, I honestly thought I’d be better with this blog 😅

Lots of things have been happening lately, though! I started a new podcast with my friends Hannah and Emmy called Three Way Media. You can find it on and Spotify if you wanna give it a listen.

I’m still very much open to commissions! You need a Christmas gift, I could use some Christmas cash…it makes a beautiful solution! You’d be supporting a small business (if a one-woman freelancer can be called that) who supports other small businesses where she can!

I sometimes feel like I’m shouting into the void, so please let me know you’re here by dropping a comment or a like if you aren’t feeling chatty!

Thank you all so much for your support, likes, shares, comments, and follows!

Much love,

Olivia 🌹💜

Published by Olivia 🌹🖊

I'm Olivia; I run Rose Petal Writings! I can be commissioned at a rate of $20/hour and will put your dreams on paper! 💜🌹

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